The Grecian

Tried one of Blue Jeans' Old-World Classics?

Why choose Blue Jeans?

Dine in our restaurant, order take-out or have your meal delivered (as Worcesterites have done for more than 30 years!).

Italian Thin-Crust and Deep Dish Pizzas

Blue Jeans' pizzas are made with a traditional North End Italian recipe (featuring that unique-to-the-North-End-of-Boston mozzarella- cheddar-Romano blend). Or Blue Jeans uses a traditional Chicago- Italian recipe for its Deep Dish Pizza (Chicagoans tell us that you can't get a more authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza than at Blue Jeans).


And have you compared Blue Jeans' sandwiches to what the national sandwich chains sell? Our sliced meats are lean, real deli cuts. You can eat healthfully at Blue Jeans – staying on a diet while eating food that tastes like it's supposed to.

True Blue, Blue Jeans Rewards

One way we can say thank you is by rewarding you for your purchases. With the True Blue, Blue Jeans Rewards program, you earn a point for every dollar you spend at Blue Jeans.